Book Review

Book Review: Golden Son

Golden Son
By Pierce Brown

Not My Edition:
Hardcover, 446 pages
2015, Del Rey
ISBN: 9780345539816

Golden Son takes place two years after Red Rising. Darrow has gone through further training at the Academy, this time in a mock-war in space. But Darrow is tricked and when he loses the final battle, his Gold patron loses faith in him. This could devastate his plans to take down the society that has repressed his people for generations. But the tables turn once again and Darrow sees his chance to start a real war between all the colors. 

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Book Review

Book Review: Red Rising


Red Rising
By Pierce Brown

My Edition:
Paperback, 382 pages
2014, Del Ray
ISBN: 9780345539809

From the back of the book: His wife taken. His people enslaved. Driven by a longing for justice and the memory of lost love, Darrow will stop at nothing to bring down his enemies…even if he must become one of them to do so. For the first time, Red will rise.

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