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8 Worst Books of 2018

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year – my ‘worst of’ list is ready for you to feast your eyes upon?

Oh, what’s that? This isn’t something you look forward to annually?


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Book Review

Book Review: Pride and Prometheus

Pride and Prometheus
By John Kessel

My Edition:
Paperback, 371 pages
2018, Saga Press
ISBN: 9781534411210
Expected Publication Date: February 20, 2018

I received this book for free from the publisher (thanks to Geek Girl Authority) in exchange for an honest review. Originally posted on Geek Girl.

Arriving in time for the 200th anniversary of Shelley’s Frankenstein, this mash-up of classics follows Mary Bennet (of Pride and Prejudice fame) as she meets the mysterious Victor Frankenstein at a party. After running into him a few times, she learns his dark secret and meets the monster he’s created. Giving man and monster the benefit of the doubt, Mary hopes the haunted doctor could become more than a casual friend. But the creation of the monster’s bride could test even the long-suffering Mary’s kindness.

I’m game for almost any Austen adaptation or spin-off and I was intrigued by the combination of classics. I went into this book with middling expectations and was rewarded accordingly.

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