Book Review

Book Review: Pennyroyal Academy

Pennyroyal Academy
By M.A. Larson

My Edition:
Paperback, 314 pages
2014, Scholastic
ISBN: 9780545888486

Young ladies and gentlemen all across the land are enlisting in Pennyroyal Academy to help fight the witches that are taking over the land and for the first time ever, those of non-royal blood are allowed to join the ranks of hopefuls waiting to become Knights and Princesses. They must all train under the strict regimen of the academy if they wish to graduate to the next class and help fight. A mysterious girl with no name enrolls and as she learns what it means to become a true Princess, she discovers more about herself and her past.

While I enjoyed the premise of this book and many of the ideas Larson had throughout, overall I have a lot of issues. I realize this is middle grade and as such, plots or themes tend to be more simplified – however, I also read a lot of middle-grade fiction and rather than simplified, this book feels underdeveloped.

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