Book Review

Book Review: Strange Magic

Strange Magic
By Syd Moore

My Edition:
Paperback, 392 pages
2017, Point Blank
ISBN: 9781786070982
Expected Publication Date: May 2017

Rosie Strange has inherited a witch museum from her estranged uncle and pays it a visit hoping to give it a quick survey and then list it for sale. Instead, she meets the infuriating, yet charming curator Sam and a visitor begging for Sam’s help in a possibly magical matter. Not one to be left out of something that concerns someone who is now her employee, Rosie tags along and finds herself chasing after a skeleton to save a boy who may be possessed.

When I first saw this book listed on LibraryThing’s monthly giveaway, I was initially enamored by the cover art and found the urban fantasy-sounding plot intriguing. Unfortunately, I found the cover more interesting than its contents.

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