Book Review

Book Review: The Jane Austen Project

The Jane Austen Project
By Kathleen A. Flynn

My Edition:
Paperback, 373 pages
2017, Harper
ISBN: 9780062651259

Rachel and her colleague, Liam, are sent back to 1815 to befriend Jane Austen and steal her letters to her sister Cassandra and her unpublished work, The Watsons. Once immersed in the life of the Austen family, the two time-travelers find their mission harder to complete than they imagined. But they soon see the line between earning the trust of those who they mean to betray and not altering the course of history (and thus, the future) is a thin one.

Sweetbeeps bought me this book for my birthday last year and I can’t believe I didn’t read it right away (oh, wait, yes I can.) Thank gourd for Austen Month and Nicole’s urging that we buddy read this because I loved it!

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