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Tanith Lee Read Along!

As many of you know, I’m quite a fan of Tanith Lee – if you don’t already know that, let me just say I have three shelves dedicated to her work and I’m trying to own (and someday read!) all of her work.

Ever read Tanith? No? Then you should join Jacob (@redstarreviews on Instagram and one of my favorite people from the book community to chat with) and me this October for our Tanith Lee/Black Unicorn read along!

Read her before, but haven’t read the Unicorn trilogy? Then you should join Jacob and me this October for our Tanith Lee/Black Unicorn read along!

Already read the Unicorn trilogy, but haven’t read much else by her? Then you should join Jacob and me this October for our Tanith Lee/Black Unicorn read along!

It’s deplorable that I haven’t thought to partner with Jacob, or anyone else in the IG/Wordpress community, for a Tanith group read before now. In fact, it was his idea! I’m totally slacking.

You can check out Jacob’s post here – but the long and short of it is, just grab Tanith’s Black Unicorn or any of her novels and start reading in October! We’re not doing any deadlines so there’s no pressure, just read at your own pace. Jacob and I will specifically be reading Black Unicorn (and then I’m going to go ahead and read the next two books in the series Gold Unicorn and Red Unicorn, because they’re fairly short and I love them and maybe Jacob will follow in my footsteps) but if you already have a Tanith book gathering dust on your shelf, pick it up!

If you don’t own any of her books, but you’re looking for recommendations, please don’t hesitate to ask! It’s true, I haven’t read nearly enough of my collection of her work, but I do have quite a few “go to” books for those who haven’t discovered her yet.

Jacob’s created some lovely IG hashtags for us: #TanithLeeRead and #HereBeUnicorns specifically for our Black Unicorn posts, so tag your images so we can see them and come say hi.

We hope you join in and I, of course, am happy to talk about Tanith anytime!

2 thoughts on “Tanith Lee Read Along!”

  1. Me me!! I need to re-jump-start my reading, and I’ve never read any of her stuff…but probably should considering how long we’ve known each other! ;P Just ordered a copy through the library system!! 😀


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