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My Bookcation

So I was on vacation last week and while buying books certainly wasn’t the only thing I did, I managed to visit 8 bookstores in Maryland (oh, and a comic book store!). Thus, I decided to rename it my bookcation. I bought books at nearly every location and I’m sure I purchased more books this month than any other month…ever. So I figured this week, in lieu of focusing on just one book, I’d focus on all the stores I went to!

This is Wonderbooks – probably my favorite bookstore ever (though Brattle in Boston comes close) and every time I’m in MD I find a way to visit their Frederick location. They have a massive selection of books and are pretty decently priced and I always go crazy here.


bathroom artwork

Next stop was Curious Iguana, located in downtown Frederick. This is a cute little shop that I have been to once before. I didn’t take enough pictures inside, but while small, their setup is welcoming, and they have an interesting collection of new books.

best sign

Yes, I bought all these in ONE DAY #sendhelp

We visited D.C. and naturally I requested that we stop at a bookstore, so before I laid eyes on any of our capitol’s historical buildings, we stopped at Carpe Librum. It was a small shop with used books and their proceeds go to local charities to support literacy!

the fantasy/sci-fi nook

On another day we visited a little shop that sold used and new books, A Novel Bookstore. I don’t remember where we were and for once, I didn’t buy anything! But I enjoyed the quotes they had all over the place. They had a little kids nook too, which I thought was nice.

Perhaps my favorite of the shops we visited this week (aside from Wonderbooks, of course) was Kensington Row, which I assume is in Kensington, MD? I really didn’t pay much attention to where I was most of the time, trusting in my friend Mel to just lead me to more books! But this place had a lot of charm and a lot of seating – a good place to hang out if you’re a local. They even had a Scrabble table set up. There are also quite a few antique stores right on the same street and it’s a lovely little area.

On our way back to the car from Kensington Row we discovered a little free library! I’ve never seen one in person and there isn’t one close to me. They’re so cute! We didn’t find anything we wanted, but it was still nice to check it out.

After Kensington we went to a Friends of the Library shop, which had almost as many books boxed up labeled “not for sale” as they did on their shelves! It was hard not to paw through those boxes…

Our last stop of the day was a massive warehouse shop called Second Story. By then I was overwhelmed and already feeling like I’d bought too many books (though really, there’s no such thing), so I didn’t explore properly. I did search for Tanith, as always, but didn’t find anything new. Pretty sure we missed their “bargain price” room, despite their already low prices. That’s a place I’ll have to visit again next time I’m around, so I can really hunt.

On my last full day in Maryland we went to another large book sale – again, I have no clue where we were and I don’t know if this place has a name. But all their books range from $0.50-$1.50 and they’re also a warehouse setup. We arrived at 8 when they opened and had to stand in line, because this is obviously a pretty popular sale, and I do know it only happens every few months or something. There were so many people and some of them were pretty aggressive – I let myself get pushed around, and I had a cold at the time, so I didn’t enjoy this as much as I should have. Surprisingly I only found 9 books, but I only paid $7.00, so I’m happy with my bargain.

All in all, it was a wonderful week! I loved being able to visit and support so many indie and used bookstores – I really only have one indie store in my area, so it’s not often I get to support companies other than Amazon or Barnes and Noble or BookOutlet (not that I don’t love them too!).

3 thoughts on “My Bookcation”

    1. Well I didn’t visit every place in one day. But I did visit them all in a week. The most I did was three stores in one day. That’s still quite a bit!


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