Book Review

Book Review: Static Ruin

Static Ruin
By Corey J. White

My Edition:
Paperback, 216 pages
2018, Tor
ISBN: 9781250195548

Mars has been on the warpath, exacting revenge against those who harmed her and the people she loves. Now she’s got a massive bounty on her head and a death count that’s eating away at her conscience. But before she can settle any more scores or try to make an escape, she has to help Pale, a boy raised as a weapon just like she was. He’s having seizures and the only person she can think to help him is the last person she ever wanted to see – her father. But can she even stomach the sight of him?

Oh man, I can’t believe the series is over! What a ride it’s been!

The Voidwitch Saga has come to a close and I find myself hoping for a spin-off series or a continuation or something else in this world of telekinetic space witches in the future.

It’s hard to talk about the third book in a series without giving too much away – you need to read the series in order.

I can say I thought the pacing was pretty good, though after I finished I found myself wishing for more action. There’s a lot of drama in this book – Mars feeling a lot of different feels and a lot of loose ends tying up. But I missed Mars’s powers. She does use them in this book, but not enough to satisfy me. I love characters with telekinesis (and find that my childhood dream of having such powers hasn’t really dissipated) so I wasn’t quite satisfied with the action given this is the finale of the series.

I’m a bit torn on how it all wrapped up too. I’m satisfied and questions have been answered and there are still a few loose ends; perhaps in case White decides to return to this series!? I sure hope so. Buuuut.

I don’t know. I’m missing something. An epic battle, more destruction, more swearing from Mars! I wanted to feel more feelings after finishing the story. Yes, I’m sad the series is over and I’ll miss Mars and her foul mouth and her wicked powers and her friends and her little pet. But I didn’t feel any deep emotions by the end. I didn’t even really empathize with Mars at the end.

Maybe it’s just me?

But this wasn’t the bang-out conclusion I was hoping for and I think everything was finished off a bit too quickly. I’d have loved to see these novellas as full-length books (which, really, is a thing I think about any good novella), but at least this final installment could have had a bit more meat.

Ready for something you won’t hear me say often?

I think the series would make an excellent movie or two.


I know! It would have to be “done right” of course. Which in my book means as many practical effects and real explosions as possible. I realize much of it would have to be CGI, but there’s a substantial amount of the story that could be developed on real sets with real props and real things crashing into other real things and blowing the fuck up.


Anyway. With the right director and right cast, this would be a fantastic sci-fi action movie!

While the series didn’t end with as much oomph as I’d hoped for, this is still an excellent finish to an excellent series. I can’t wait to see what else White comes out with and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we get more Voidwitch goodness someday.

I recommend this if:

+ You enjoyed the first two books

Check out the series if:

+ You like badass females with insanely destructive powers
+ A ragtag group of spacefriends is a thing you go in for
+ You’re looking for a fairly quick, action-packed sci-fi series – something you could easily finish before the end of the year

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