Austen Month

Austen Month TBR/TBW

It’s almost February and for me, that means focusing my reading and watching choices around work by and inspired by Jane Austen.

Yes, I am the only person who does this (that I’m aware of.) I started back in 2015 and while I generally don’t set myself themed TBRs (or any TBRs, really), I’ve been enjoying this annual tradition. I love Austen’s work, I love some of the works inspired by her works, and February is the month of love…or…whatever. Look, there’s no big reason here – I just picked February and I’ve stuck with it.

Anyway, let’s see what grand plans I’ve laid out for myself this month!

To Be Read:

I’ll be honest, aside from the two books actually by Austen, the rest of my choices were dictated by what books aren’t currently in boxes.

Sanditon by Jane Austen
I’ve already started watching the new PBS series for Sanditon and I know I’ve read the unfinished story once before, but nothing about it grabbed me. I already love the show (so far at least), so I wanted to go back to the source and see what I think. I also don’t know where the book ends and the show takes over, so I’m very curious.

Persuasion by Jane Austen
This is one of her works that I’ve only read once and wasn’t wild about. I wanted to give it another shot (that worked out well for Northanger Abbey!) and I’m also going to annotate it along the way. I’m hoping that will help me pay more attention.

Camp Austen by Ted Scheinman
This one interests me because it seems sorta like a real-life Austenland!

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors by Sonali Dev
I love me a P&P retelling, especially one with POC characters and an own-voices author! I’ve heard good things about this one and I’m looking forward to it.

Among the Janeites by Deborah Yaffe
Another non-fiction about someone diving into the Austen culture and hardcore fans.

All Roads Lead to Austen by Amy Elizabeth Smith
Another non-fiction – who even am I? This one is about a woman taking a road trip with all of Austen’s novels and apparently meeting her own Darcy.

Dangerous Alliance by Jennieke Cohen
Going to try my hand at some Austen-inspired YA thanks to Book of the Month!

Pride/Prejudice by Ann Herendeen
“A novel of Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, and their forbidden lovers.” LOL need I say more? My mum picked this up on a trip, not realizing right away that it was smut. I don’t expect this to be good but I hope it’s entertaining!

Bonus: Austenland by Shannon Hale
I know I just re-read this at the end of last year, but if I’m feeling up for it, I might annotate a copy.

To Be Watched:

Sanditon – 2020
I’m currently watching the PBS version. I’m 3 episodes in as a I write this (or maybe 4 lol), so obviously I want to finish it.

Sense & Sensibility – 2008
I love the updated Emma from BBC and I definitely meant to watch this last year. So I’m gonna watch it this year, damnit!

Persuasion – 1995
I also meant to watch this last year since I own the damn thing on DVD. So hopefully after I read the book, I can see how the movie compares.

Bonus: Lost in Austen – 2008
If I can peel myself away from whatever bullshit reality show I have playing in the background courtesy of Netflix (The Circle, anyone?), maybe I’ll re-watch this mini-series that I love.


So there you have it. Now let’s see how much I accomplish in February. Best laid plans, and all that. Feel free to pass on any Austen-inspired books and shows that you’ve enjoyed or heard good things of. I’m always looking for new material. Or, let me know what ones bombed for you and we can talk shit!

5 thoughts on “Austen Month TBR/TBW”

    1. Haha yes! This will be my first Austen smut. Mostly. I did read some book that was like, a parody of “lost scenes” from her books that were smutty. But it was so goofy. It was like pride and promiscuity or something.


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