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Series Review: Earthsea Continued

If you missed it, I reviewed the original Earthsea trilogy – which was technically a reread for me, but it felt like a new experience because I couldn’t remember, like, any details. Now I’m back to review the later books in the series!

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Book Review

Series Review: The Earthsea Trilogy

I have many series that need to be finished and, let’s face it, I have to start most of them over to do so. When Tehanu came up for my TBR Tear Down, I knew I’d have to start the series over, as I hadn’t read the original Earthsea Trilogy since high school. So, I embarked on my re-read of the trilogy.

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Book Review

Book Review: Space of Her Own

Asimov’s Space of Her Own
By Various Authors

My Edition:
Paperback, 244 pages
1983, Ace Books
ISBN: 0441778712

This book contains 17 sci-fi stories written by women. The subjects range from alien worlds, post-apocalyptic scenarios, advanced technology and adventures through space.

I initially purchased this book because my goddess Tanith Lee has a story in it and I finally picked it up thanks to Vintage Sci-fi Month. I didn’t dislike any of the stories, though I naturally preferred some over the others. I’m just going to highlight the ones I had the most thoughts about.

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