Life of a Book Hoarder

What Type of Reader Are You?

Many of us in the bookosphere talk about being Mood Readers or Monthly TBR Compilers (okay, maybe I made up this exact term) when it comes to how we pick our next read. But I want to dig deeper into my reading habits and quirks so that you get the full picture of how I experience books and reading.

First off: The Basics. I’m definitely a Mood Reader (much to the detriment of my growing Review pile) and I honestly never know what I’m going to read next. I even set books on my bedside table, thinking I’ll read them next and chances are I’ll pick something dusty off the shelf instead. Sometimes I need to switch up a genre or age group, others I might end up reading many of the same genre in a row because that’s what I’m craving.

I’m also a Daily Reader. If I can snatch even five or ten minutes of reading on my lunch or before bed, it’s a rough day for me. Books complete my day and they make me incredibly happy, so I do my best to give myself time to enjoy them whenever possible.

My preferred time to read is in the evenings before bed, or on the weekends when I can sleep in (for me, sleeping in is getting up between 8-9 and then reading in bed for as many hours as I can), so I would mainly classify myself as a Night Reader – it goes with my Night Owl status.

When I buy books (which is basically all the time) I might actually read one Right Away (making me, for a short time at least, a Right Away Reader). Or within a few weeks of purchase, which in my world is right away. But I’m mostly a Later Reader. As in, years months later.

Over the course of the past year or so, I’ve also become a Book Juggler. In the past, it was incredibly rare for me to read more than one book at once. Now I regularly have two going and maybe even a third -gasp!- Usually, that third is a short story collection or an audiobook. I try to avoid that though because that’s my limit and I tend to ignore one of the books I’m trying to juggle or get details confused.

I’m also a Serialist. I love series and I love starting them and hoarding them and I mean to finish them, I really do, but man, that’s the hard part!  Sweetbeeps is the king of Serialists. In fact, I would classify him as a Serialist Non-Finisher. He has a penchant for leaving the third (or final) book in a series partially read. I haven’t determined if this is because he doesn’t want it to end, or because he’s also a Binge Reader and when his binge is up he stops reading for weeks at a time (a Book Fast, if you will), no matter where he is in a book. Then I suspect he tends to forget what was going on and to avoid starting the book or series over, he just never picks it up again.

We all know I’m a Book Hoarder. I’m a Book Toter too – I almost never leave home without a book. If there isn’t one in my purse, there are three in my car! I’ll even lug around a Wrist Breaker if it’s too good to put down.  I’ve been known to be a Page Flagger on occasion, but I’m certainly not an Annotator, and never, ever a Dog Earer!

I’m not much of an Audiophile (yeah, yeah, I know this isn’t a term I made up, but I’m going to use it to refer to those who prefer audiobooks), nor am I a big E-Reader unless it’s a review copy. I’m a Print Girl through and through and I only prefer paperbacks because they’re cheaper! We all know I judge books by their covers, but I can’t help it, I’m a Cover Lover and Design Aficionado.  I’ve been known to be a Skimmer and I’m certainly not a Deep Reader (I’ll drown!), but most important of all, I’m a Reader.


So tell me, what type of reader are you? Do you fall into any of these categories? Are there any I missed?

1 thought on “What Type of Reader Are You?”

  1. Ha! I love this. Really good.
    I tend not to finish series too and usually don’t read the last book because I don’t want the story to end.
    And I’m def a serialist n book hoarder n book juggler n all of them except ereader or audiophile.

    Liked by 1 person

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